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Proper Etiquette When Approaching Women
Proper Etiquette When Approaching Women
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Katılım : 2021-07-22
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Proper Etiquette When Approaching Women
It's time to let you guys in on a little tool I use to disarm women. I learned of its effectiveness when I analyzed how I would react to women that approached me. In short, the girls that interrupted me, or were just all up in my face, were likely to get a bad reaction from me, or just have me completely ignore them if I wasn't completely turned on by their appearances. On the other hand, an average-looking girl that approached me politely, ended up getting my attention, simply because she acknowledged that she was possibly intruding in on my personal space or conversation that I was already having with a friend.
A group of friends at a coffee shop
Think about how almost every guy approaches women. Most men violate the personal space of women (or interrupt their conversations). Time constraint, opinion opener, direct or not: it all places a woman in a frame of mind where if she doesn't like everything else about you, she's already thinking about how to get rid of you. Not because you're unattractive, but just because you violated her personal space or interrupted the conversation that she was already having, without acknowledging it.

How do you get past this? By following proper social etiquette. Proper social etiquette? Huh? When you interrupt someone or intrude on their personal space, you're suppose to acknowledge it. When you don't follow social etiquette, it makes women classify you as rude, and want nothing to do with you. This is why so many guys get bad reactions when they approach women.
How do you follow proper social etiquette when approaching? You simply acknowledge that you are interrupting, and then tell the girl why you are doing it. For example, I might say "I don't mean to interrupt your conversation, but I just wanted to come over here and let you know that I"m attracted to you...", and then follow up with conversation fodder. That is how you want to approach women, especially during day game.
Even if the girl isn't initially attracted to you, she will most likely be polite (assuming that she isn't completely drunk and rude), and listen to what you have to say. By following such etiquette, you are at least buying yourself a chance to win her over. When you just interrupt, a lot of women will already have their mind set on getting rid of you.
When you follow this etiquette, women will appreciate that you are taking them and how you are interrupting them into consideration, and in turn, will most likely be polite to you. They're so use to guys interrupting them, focused only on what they (the guy) want, and what they have to say. When you go in, just saying what you have to say, or running your routines, you have violated proper social etiquette, and it is considered rude.
In some cases, women might even consider you a social retard and reject you simply because you don't understand basic social rules. If you wonder why women are being rude to you, then it is most likely because you approached them rudely, by not acknowledging that you are interrupting them.You can completely change the trajectory of your interactions with women by letting them know that you've taken their personal space into consideration before approaching and/or interrupting them.


On a side note, you may have already tried this style of approach when you first started approaching women (before you found the seduction community). Why didn't it work? Because when you first started approaching women, your confidence was shaky (and it showed), and you most likely didn't know how to follow it up with a decent conversation. If you go back and think about it, then you'll probably remember the girls smiling and at least trying to give you a chance to win them over.

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