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                           What is an essay - how to write it correctly

In this article, we will figure out what an essay is and how to write it correctly.

The essay is one of the unique literary genres. This is a short work on any topic, written on the question posed. The main feature is the author's design in a free style, which is more like. Let's take a detailed look at what an essay is and how to write it correctly. How to write an essay, you have two choices: first, use your mind and write everything yourself, second, use professional writing service ,the choice is yours .What is an essay: definition
The word "essay" comes to us from the French exagium - "weighing". It also translates as essay, experience, test. In fact, this is a small piece in free form and small in size. Usually, with the help of an essay, an opinion is expressed on a specific issue. It is strictly individual, because everyone expresses his own opinion, impression, opinion and experience, and not someone else's.

Essay features include:

There is a specific question to be answered. The essay addresses broad issues that cannot be consciously executed in this genre.
The essay allows you to express personal impressions on the issue and does not pretend to be a detailed interpretation of the subject.
Usually an essay suggests a new, content-colored word. A variety of styles can be used in such a work.
For an essay, first of all, the personality of the author is evaluated - how he looks at the thinking and feeling world
Recently, the genre has become especially popular. It is also one of the main documents for applying for a job or an educational institution. So, how to write an essay correctly? Let's find out.

How to start an essay: an example
No one but me can write my paper for me without the help of anyone it's very hard to do it alone, even a person with sufficient eloquence is lost, because it is more difficult to express one's thoughts on paper. Thinking about the issue can take a long time, which greatly complicates the work.

Especially the very beginning of the essay raises a lot of questions. Where to start it! What should be the first phrase?

Here are a few tips to help you start your essay right:

First, define the general idea of ​​writing an essay. Determine for what purpose it develops and, if possible, look for sources for work. If you have no ideas, will help you.Great for freewriting technique writing or free writing. Its meaning is to describe everything that comes to mind, even without editing, non-compliance with grammar, etc. A very good way to deal with lack of inspiration.
Don't focus on admission. It can be written later, when another text is ready. It will be easier for you to write an introduction, because you already know about the essay.
One of the options for starting an essay is to pose a question first, and then an answer is already given to it.


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